Schools: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will teachers arrive at each district/school?
A: Mid April is the projected date

Q: When will the student devices arrive?
A: July/August are the target months. Each school will be contacted for schedule and shipping details.

Q: How do we register for School Google Domain License for the new Chromebooks?
A: Please fill out the Google License form at this link ( The fields are required by Google to authorize the licenses. Please verify the Google Apps Domain as licenses are non-refundable.

Q: What is the procedure for Asset Tags?
A: Please send your asset tags to CTL:
CTL Corporation
Atten: NR21
9700 SW Harvest Ct #100
Beaverton, OR 97005

Q: Where are the assets tags placed?
A: The asset tags are placed on the bottom of the device near the serial number and MAC ID.

Q: How are the asset tag numbers, serial numbers, and wifi MAC provided?
A: Each school will be provided a CSV file containing this information. The file will be sent to the school and district technical contact.

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