Our commitment

CTL is committed to providing both our resellers and the users of our products the best service and support in the industry. Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or comments

You open a ticket at nr21support.ctl.net or you can email CTL NR21 support at nr21support@ctl.net. You can also call us at 800-645-8670.

A Note To NR21 Educators:

As you may know, CTL has held the contract to provide Chromebook devices and services for the Nevada Ready 21 (NR21) program since 2016. The recent Nevada legislative session included legislation (AB309) regarding how school districts may use the funding for certain State programs, including Nevada Ready 21. 

This has affected the scope of NR21 services offered to cohort 2 schools in some districts.

CCSD Cohort 2 NR21 Schools should contact CCSD User Support Help Desk (702) 799-3300 for service and support.

Humbolt County NR21 Schools will continue to receive service and support from CTL at http://nr21support.ctl.net 

Thank you,


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